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Full body dance cardio workouts that leave you feeling empowered, strong and a bit naughty.

Janelle Ginestra

Renowned dancer, choreographer and creative director Janelle Ginestra has toured the world dancing for A-list musicians like Pink and Jennifer Lopez. With appearances in viral hits like Nicki Minaj's Anaconda music video and Justin Bieber's The Feeling, Ginestra has choreographed some of your favorite viral dance moments for the last decade+. Choreography credits include- J Balvin, Pitbull, Bad Bunny, J-Lo, SZA, JoJo, Halsey and more. Aside from dance, Janelle is passionate about fitness and wellness. That love inspired her to combine fitness and dance, creating Naughty Girl Fitness!

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You want to feel sexy and powerful

You’re ready to activate your positive naughtiness

You want to feel inspired, confident and free

You want to get in-tune with your spiritual badassery

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You prefer boring workouts

You don’t like having fun

You want to stay as basic as f***

You don't like to laugh


Naughty Girl Fitness is a body positive dance fitness method where you transform your mind, body, and soul through the gift of movement and expression.

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New Workouts Every Monday

Part of a loving, non judgemental community

Catalog of 30+ workouts

In less than 20 minutes, you can burn over 500 calories while having a blast 🙂

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Remember how special you are.

Don’t let anyone dim that light. I’ve had a lot of people that have tried to dim my light and I’ve let them sometimes. But we’re not doing that here. F that. No matter where your body is now, you have to love it for where it is now.  It’s working for you. You have the capability to shape it, mold it, right now.

*NO JUDGEMENT ZONE DISCLAIMER: Everybody is seen. No matter what size, color, sex, or faith. That’s what we stand for here at Naughty Girl fitness. Don’t be afraid to look silly. It’s more fun to be naughty. We’re here to make each other feel loved, seen, and heard.

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